Save money on your wedding day(ONLY FOR REFERENCE/MARCH 2,2011)

Keep the costs down for your wedding without compromising your dream

1. Avoid expensive dates for your wedding day. Prices can be higher on Saturdays and during the summer, so consider a winter wedding or another day of the week.

2. Keep the guest list down. Guests cost money, so have an intimate wedding and a larger party when you return from honeymoon.

3. Call in the favours. If you have an aunt who makes cakes or a friend who plays in a band, see whether they’ll use their skills for your big day.

4. Dine informally. A buffet or barbecue is generally less expensive than a formal sit-down dinner, and lots of fun!

5. Don’t have too many bridesmaids. Couples often pay for bridesmaid dresses – so if you’re having five bridesmaids, it can start adding up!

6. Buy your own wine and champagne. There are great deals to be had in UK supermarkets and online if you buy in bulk.

7. Stick to seasonal flowers and un-wired arrangements. They look lovely, and less complicated designs will generally keep the price down.

8. Shop in the sales. Christmas and the January sales are a great time for buying decorations such as fairy lights and candles.

9. Do your wedding your way. You don’t have to have EVERYTHING! If favours or a cake aren’t important to you, spend the money elsewhere.

10. Honeymoon close to home. Some of the most romantic destinations are in Europe. If you have your heart set on a long-distance holiday, why not wait for six months?

To help cover those extra wedding costs, why not book an appointment with a financial planning? They'll help sort out the boring money bits so you can enjoy your big day - all within budget!

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